Flip magazines

With flip magazines you can convert any publication (in PDF format) to a beautiful and digital publication, perfect for improving your business. Our flip magazine packages contain two alternatives.

Standard flip magazine package contains all the basic features any digital flip magazine should have.

Advanced flip magazine package has the single purpose to increase interactivity and the number of features you will provide to your readers.

When we talk about advanced flip magazines we talk about content that is waking people up. Content that is engaging people also through senses other than their sight.


flip magazines features:

standard flip magazine package

  • Online/Offline Distribution
  • Publish on iPad/iPhone
  • 3D Page Flip
  • 6 Levels of Zoom
  • Thumbnail Navigation
  • Direct Jump to a Page
  • Print Pages
  • Keyword Searching
  • Full Screen View
  • Custom Interface Language

advanced flip magazine package
contains all features from first package plus:

  • Save as PDF
  • Bookmarks
  • Notes
  • Auto-Flipping Mode
  • Highlighter
  • Share via email
  • Custom Logo/Branding
  • Password Protection
  • Tracking with Google Analytics
  • Share on Social Networks
  • Create Table of Contents
  • Download Exe or Zip Version
  • Embed Video to Page
  • Embed YouTube Video to Page
  • Embed Button to Page
  • Embed Picture to Page
  • Add Audio to Page/Background
  • Insert Links to Page
  • Insert Audio to Page
  • Single Page (Presentation) Mode
  • Read from Right to Left (RTL)
  • Searchable in Search Engines
  • Custom Background Color
  • Create Self-Executed Package(.EXE) for multiplication on DVDs, CDs and USB sticks